Corporate Reporting

Our expert and experienced team creates cost-effective corporate reports for companies in AIM, FTSE and other listings 

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Our expert team has a varied background within communications, each of us with years of experience in corporate reporting.

Working closely with you throughout the annual reporting project, our team provides precisely the skills and services you need.

Without the overheads of a prime office location or the labour costs of junior support staff, we can ensure your reporting budget goes further. We help you overcome the familiar struggle of balancing cost effectiveness with the desire for a high-quality report that aligns with best practice.

Our Thinking

Through informed, intelligent, thoughtful reporting, you can increase investor trust and confidence in your business, and help ensure you realise its true value.

Through our experience in reporting, we understand:

  • what investors and other stakeholders are looking for
  • the market dynamics in any given sector – how they shape the business models, opportunities, strategic objectives and the inherent risks
  • the reporting landscape and the current trends in reporting
  • the value of persuasive stories and best-practice integrated content.
Our ultimate aim is to help you communicate your relevant messages in the most effective way, as well as showcase the company, where it’s heading and how it engages with key stakeholders.

In effect, we aim to enhance every aspect of your reporting and make it consistent across channels.

While working strictly to your agreed budget, we’ll manage resources and schedules in the most effective way, without sacrificing the creative process.

What We Do

We tell your story effectively, and help you communicate the real value of your business to all stakeholders. Services we can help you with include:

Best-practice content support

We provide expert advice on what content you should be including in your annual report based on our knowledge and understanding of current regulatory requirements and your industry classification.

Peer benchmarking

We provide an overview of both industry-relevant and similarly sized companies’ best practice examples, based on current reporting trends and our recommendations for your report.

Stakeholder research

We analyse the needs of your key stakeholders, including investors, media, employees, clients and suppliers, to ensure your report satisfies their interests.

Content development planning

We produce an in-depth content matrix which maps the content from last year’s report onto the pagination plan, adding new content and providing best practice guidance for each section.

Creative direction, design and typesetting

Our experienced design team will help with a well-formed and executed creative design brief that can transform your report, tell your story effectively, highlight your key messages and differentiate you from your competitors. We also work within your brand guidelines, and ensure we turn proofs around accurately and efficiently.

Copywriting and editing

Using an experienced writer is vital for providing an external and industry-wide perspective; for creating a consistent voice and reducing repetition across different contributors; and for ensuring all stakeholders will be able to understand the report.


Whether you’re looking to create a full HTML reporting micro site, adopting an online-first approach, or simply need a searchable pdf download, we have an in-house digital team with the expertise and tools to support you.


We work with Tangelo to give you the option of total control of the content and production process, as well as the ability to publish simultaneously across all formats, or handle requirements such as ESEF (European Single Electronic Format).

Cost Options

We provide transparent cost-effective solutions based on three price point options.

These may reflect exactly the support you need, or we can discuss them with you as a basis for agreeing a more tailored solution. We can also help build your Investor Presentation, with a simple ‘per-page’ price. Whatever you need, we can provide you with budgeting certainty from the outset.

Option 1

From £7,500.00

A templated annual report design to our recommended structure. Including typesetting, graphs, charts and two rounds of amends. Client supplies imagery, copy and edits.

Option 2

From £12,000

A custom report, design development of two concepts prepared following a creative and strategy workshop, showing key content pages. Editing of your supplied copy, artwork of chosen concept, typesetting of first draft, and three rounds of text revisions. Charts and infographics as needed, an agreed level of project and print management.

Option 3

From £20,000

A bespoke annual report, strategic, content and IR advice. May involve a creative workshop to build your story and evolve a custom design aligned to your brand guidelines. Developing at least three design concepts of key content pages. Can include copywriting, editing and interviewing key stakeholders. Artwork, design layout and typesetting of full first draft and revisions. Development of infographics and charts as required. Dedicated project and print management, liaison with registrars, printers press passes and management of posting.

Investor Presentations

A great investor presentation can enhance your search for financing and investment and improve its likelihood of success.

It can also form the messaging and basis of your annual report. Our experienced presentation designers can help you address the topics investors expect to see, and make your story is clear and compelling. Most importantly, we ensure your presentations are consistent with other communications across the reporting suite.

Basic Presentation 1

Costs £950 – £1,250

Our basic template will reflect the design of existing collateral and be part of your brand family. Typical content would include basic template elements, up to 16 different template layouts, images and icons from existing collateral, dummy text and data flowed into the slides to show how the layouts work, examples of charts and a table design.

Mid-tier Presentation 2

Costs £1,500 – £2,000

Slides will reflect the design of your annual report, company web site or preferred collateral, always with visual impact. A number of bespoke slides will make the overall presentation more engaging and memorable. We can incorporate simple transitions and animations. Content includes basic templates and up to 20 different templates, images and icons from existing collateral, using your content to create the slides, examples of charts and tables, and infographics reimagined for the presentation.

Advanced Presentation 3

Costs £2,500 – £3,000

A versatile and highly visual presentation that follows your brand guidelines and draws on influences from your annual report or company website as appropriate. We will use all your content, creatively reimagined for maximum impact, including all basic template elements and bespoke visual slides. We may include animations and smart slide transitions to increase engagement. We could also consider template layouts in different media, incorporating layouts targeted for screen or print, existing infographics reimagined, additional infographics, full tables and charts provided